Slapjack All Faces

Slapjack All Faces

Based on traditional Slapjack.

Slapjack All Faces uses Slapjack playing style but winner is determined by player who collects the most face cards (Jacks, Queens and Kings).

Cards played – All 54 cards

Scoring – Jack, Queen and King cards are worth 10 points each.

How to Play Slapjack All Faces, 2 or more players

  1. Shuffle cards.
  2. Deal all cards to the players face down
  3. Player to the left of dealer begins the game by taking top card off their stack and placing it face up in the middle starting the discard pile.
  4. Next player takes top card off their stack and places it face up on the discard pile.  Play continues until a Jack is played.
  5. When a Jack is played, first player to slap the Jack with their hand wins the Jack and takes all of the cards in discard pile.  Jack is set aside face up in the winner’s scoring cards.  Remaining cards are shuffled and added to bottom of the winner’s stack of face down cards. Next player in rotation takes top card off their stack starting new discard pile, and play continues. If a player runs out of cards, they have one more opportunity to slap a Jack.
  6. If player slaps a non-Jack card, they must give player who played the card they slapped one card from the top of their face down stack. Penalty cards are added to the bottom of player’s face down stack.
  7. If player has no cards left in their stack, they sit out until the next round.
  8. If a card is played on top of a Jack card, player who slaps discard pile first takes all of the cards.
  9. When all the Jack cards have been played and won, game continues with Queen cards instead of Jacks. After all the Queen cards have been played and won, game continues with King cards.
  10. Winner is player with most face cards.  In the event of a tie, player with most cards in their face down stack is the winner.
  11. If no player has won the majority of the face cards and only one player has cards to play, that player takes cards in their face down stack and the discard pile, reshuffles and deals them evenly to the players to start next round.