Snap description.

Cards played – 52 cards.

Scoring – Winner accumulates all of the cards or is the only player left with cards to play.

How to play Snap, 2 or more players

  1. Shuffle cards.
  2. Deal all cards to the players face down.
  3. The player to the left of dealer begins game drawing top card off their face down pile and placing it face up creating their own discard pile.  Each player continues.
  4. When top cards on any two discard piles form a pair, player who shouts “Snap!” takes both discard piles and adds them to bottom of their face down pile.
  5. If two players shout “Snap!” at the same time, the matching discard piles are placed in middle forming a snap pool.  Play continues and players look for first card turned over that matches top card on snap pool.  Player who shouts “Snap Pool!” when match appears takes cards in snap pool and adds them to their face down pile.
  6. If player runs out of face down cards, player takes discard pile and turns it upside down creating a new draw pile.
  7. If player has no cards left, they are out.
  8. If a player shouts “Snap!” and there is no match, that player’s discard pile is moved to the middle and becomes a snap pool. Play continues with players looking for card that matches top card of snap pool.
  9. Player who wins all the cards or is the only one with cards to play is the winner.